Love Notes


Catherine & michael

Shelby was recommended to me through my photographer when my first planner had to drop out. Any anxiety I felt when my first planner left was assuaged almost instantly in my first call to Shelby. She patiently talked to me for 45 minutes, with no guarantee of a contract. Her calming energy, thoroughness, and excellent communication made hiring her a no brainer. Shelby juggled wedding planning with a full time job before she struck out on her own (true grit). I wouldn't have known her attention was divided at all; she made time for our needs, great and small, without hesitation. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about our wedding and I have Shelby to thank. I got to be present and relaxed that day, which is no small feat for a high strung bride. Shelby, thank you for being the best decision I made for my wedding (next to the groom, I guess). We love a vendor to friend story arc!! Do yourself a favor and hire Shelby!



We found Shelby through extensive Knot and Facebook vendor research, and are SO glad we did. Shelby went above and beyond in our six months working together. She was prompt to check-in, even when we didn't have scheduled meeting times, and was always available when we had questions or needed support! I can't imagine our wedding day going as smoothly as it did without her! From timelines, runthroughs, planning, setting up arch decor, gathering heards of people together, and helping with our day of errands - Shelby was so kind, professional, and helpful. We loved working with her, and love her personality! I'm so grateful that we not only made a wonderful vendor connection but also, a friend. Thank you for everything, Shelby! You're amazing and so good at your job. Congrats on 3 years of this beautiful business you're growing business!




Originally, I tried to plan my wedding by myself but after a number of issues with my venue my mom convinced me to hire a coordinator. The moment I brought Shelby on board things started falling into place. She knew the questions to ask that I hadn't even thought of. She helped straighten out the issues I was having with my venue and went to bat for me multiple times to get the services we had paid for from our vendors. If you want somebody who will be in your corner every step of the way, then hire Shelby. She was always so quick to respond to every email, text, phone call. She went above and beyond her duties to make sure everything was how we wanted it. Our wedding day was an absolute dream and Shelby and her team handled everything flawlessly! Not to mention Shelby was also my florist and brought my romantic/timeless vibe to life. I would not have been able to have the wedding of my dreams if it wasn't for Shelby!

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Shelby is so easy to work with and she knew all the right questions to ask us from the first call. I knew she wouldn’t forget a detail. We were so blown away by her professionalism, persistence, and extreme organization. The ease at which our day went seriously not have been possible without her. We will be singing her praises to every engaged couple we know!



Meghan & Jason

I’m a person who doesn’t open up or trust very easily or quickly, but from the moment a friend of mine recommended Shelby as the wedding planner for my big day, I immediately saw her experience, professionalism and care shine through our initial video call and that first impression only got better over time. Shelby took so much time to get to know me and my husband, my plans for our dream wedding, and how she could help in anyway to execute every detail. She cared for what I wanted my day to be like and she never shied away to remind me that it was my day and no one was going to take that away from me. Over time, she wasn’t just a wedding planner but a wonderful friend I could rely on to ensure that what I wanted and my feelings towards anything mattered. 


Every detail I had for the ceremony, pictures, cocktail hour and reception came to life. Shelby’s attention to detail was evident in how she set up each space. I was in tears when I saw it all! I got compliments weeks after the event and it was all because of her. My day was absolutely perfect and I know for a fact Shelby played one of the biggest roles in it! If I haven’t already stressed how wonderful and thoughtful she is, I will then add this fun little fact. At the end of the night, Shelby surprised us with a mason jar filled with water. She explained to my husband and I that she had put it out in the rain during our reception to capture our wedding day rain for our keeping. Once again, I was in tears! I would have never thought to ask or do something so meaningful and Shelby had done that without being prompted to do so! I’m recommending Shelby to every bride I’ll ever know because no wedding day is complete without her!! 

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sarah & Adam

Shelby was our planner for our September wedding, and hiring her was hands down the best wedding planning decision I made! I was so stressed and overwhelmed, and Shelby swooped in and saved the day! With her help I was able to actually enjoy the planning process and had peace of mind that the whole event was in incredible hands. She had my back on decisions I knew I wanted (hi entire room flip for indoor ceremony, even though there’s an outdoor ceremony spot), and gently made suggestions on things I wasn’t sure about. Our whole day was perfect, and I didn’t feel an ounce of stress because I knew Shelby was on it. Her calm presence is exactly the energy you need on your wedding day! Oh, and she did all our florals- she truly is a dream. Long story short, every bride deserves a Shelby.



Isabel & MIKE

Shelby is a literal ANGEL who saved my wedding and my sanity. A month before my wedding, I was a non-sleeping, full-time working, complete stress mess. I went poking around on the Knot to see if anyone could coordinate my DIY wedding on such short notice. Shelby had me breathing easy in 1 hour. By the end of our first call I was convinced this was about to be the best money I’d ever spent. I specifically remember telling her “Well the moms want this, and my friend says that…” and she was like “What do YOU want? Ok great, then that’s what we’re doing. If anyone has questions/concerns about that, I'll field those. Everyone's going to love it!” Her energy was cool, calm, moving forward, + staying positive. That guidance and support was just what I needed. She instantly made me feel at ease and taken care of, and coordinated my wedding day like a boss.


Leading up to the event, she knew the answer to every weird question, and knew exactly how to solve problems I hadn’t even considered. She was so patient and kind with me and my motley crew of set-up help. And when the day came, not only did she execute everything flawlessly, but she also whipped me up a last-minute floral arch installation that was truly the most beautiful part of the entire wedding. Everyone loved her and was blown away by how great she was. If you’re stressed to the point where you think no one could possibly jump in, catch up, and take the reins of this thing, then you need Shelby in your life ASAP. If you're not at that stress level yet, reach out to her now because trust me, it's about to get crazy. I’m so grateful for Shelby, and I’m so happy + excited for all the people who get to work with her in the future!!




Shelby Lynn Events was phenomenal! Shelby is compassionate, hard working, extremely talented and creative. Look nowhere else when searching for your wedding coordinator because Shelby has everything you’ll need! I couldn’t imagine our wedding without her. She’s organized and made my wedding day the best day of my life. I didn’t have to worry because she handled everything perfectly and professionally. I couldn’t have done it without her!




If you’re looking for a creative, caring, and diligent wedding planner, Shelby is your girl! Even in the middle of a pandemic, she made us feel so calm and reassured in every step of the wedding planning process. She has an incredible gift for handling all the little logistics without losing sight of the big picture. Having Shelby on our team for our wedding day made it so that our family could fully enjoy the day without worrying about all the little details. Not to mention, Shelby is such a talented floral designer. She listened to my vision and brought it to life — and then some. I mean, just look at the floral arbor! Hiring Shelby was the best decision we made for our wedding!




As a wedding coordinator I knew just how vital it was to have a professional, organized and detail oriented wedding coordinator for our wedding day. I hired Shelby based on word of mouth and recommendations from others. Shelby took all the wedding planning stress away. Not only during the planning process but the day of the wedding as well. My husband and I were able to be guests at our own wedding because of Shelby and all of her hard work. We knew that if anything went wrong that Shelby had our backs. I recommend Shelby because she is a wedding professional that cares about the couple and their vision. She also cares about each guest as if they were her own friends and family. Shelby was a key part to our wedding day and we couldn’t imagine our big day without her.




Shelby is who you need to make your day as special as possible! She assisted us with our wedding planning, and day-of coordination. She was very organized and on top of it all! Not only did she execute the details and schedule to perfection, she arranged our flowers, helped with the food arrangement, and went above and beyond in every way! We know our day would not have gone as smoothly had she not been an integral part of it! We so appreciate Shelby and her skills!